Tom Pogwizd

Senior Manager

“With focused intention and effort, anything is possible” – Tom Pogwizd

Tom Pogwizd is a Senior Manager at Dark Horse CPAs, operating out of Durango, Colorado. He came to the area in 1998 – which makes him feel a lot older than he actually is – to study at Fort Lewis College. Coming from the Northeast, he quickly fell in love with the Southwest and has remained there ever since.

Tom has split his professional accounting career equally between audit, tax, and industry. Always keen on variety, he came to Dark Horse to enjoy the broad mix of services and clientele the firm attracts. The foundation of Tom’s practice is rooted in simplifying the complex so that clients clearly understand their situation and their strategic options.

Tom is an optimistic person. So much so that he suffers from the grand delusion that he can stay perpetually young. When he is not in the office, he busies himself running and biking trails spanning the desert and mountain landscapes of the Southwest. He claims to do this in an attempt to find god. When she manifests, however, she normally takes the form of a marco-enabled Excel spreadsheet. No one, including Tom, is entirely sure what that means.

It has been independently verified that he can run 26.2 miles on little more than a few slices of bacon, half a banana, and grit. Let Tom take a run at your accounting and tax problems. This Dark Horse will surely get you to the finish line!